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Have you been thinking of upgrading your business communication system? Have you been searching for the best VoIP company for the services? 

If so, get in touch with us at onCloud! We are amongst the leading companies that are known to provide the finest VoIP phone services to businesses of all sizes and industrial sectors.

We have always strived to provide the finest VoIP services to our clients and ensured that they have the right myVoice package that fits the budget. 

With us by your side, rest assured that you will always have an uninterrupted business communication system that will boost your growth and productivity. 

We have developed a team of tech professionals who are experienced and will consult you in their best capacity.

With us, you don’t have to go anywhere else looking for efficient VoIP phone services. We will always make sure that we deliver what our clients demand. 

How to Choose the Right VoIP Company?

Finding the right VoIP service company is of the utmost importance for any business. And we will tell you what kind of features you should look for before choosing one of the best VoIP phone companies.

At onCloud, we say that before choosing us or any other VoIP service company always make sure to look at their credentials. You must check the digital presence to ensure that is the company legit!

Usually, our clients don’t have to wander for such information because we provide all the information about the same during our first interaction. 

You can also look and compare the cost of our VoIP phone services with others. We assure you that our prices will be affordable without being heavy on your pocket. 

We also ask our clients to look for the international presence of the provider. At onCloud, you will find that we work with several clients globally. This allows us to provide VoIP services that fit the global requirement. 

So, with us at onCloud, you will get authentic and high-quality VoIP business phone service. 

What to Expect?

When you approach us at onCloud, you can expect to get reliable and immediate VoIP business phone service. 

Our professional team will get to know your business needs and will suggest the right myVoice package along with the right hardware. 

So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away! We will be always glad to help you! 


  Business Class Support

Get a dedicated, U.S. based account manager who learns your business' needs

and sets up your phone system the way you want it.

 Work From Anywhere

Our desk phones work anywhere an internet connection is available. Use mobile apps to make and receive calls without a desk phone.

  Save up to 50% off Your Current Phone Bill

Most users see a 50% reductions in costs! We'll even ship our phones to you for free.



Core Features .



Your voicemail can be delivered to a phone or to an email address. Listen to your voicemail messages with your phone or have it sent directly to your email as an audio file that can be played on any desktop or mobile device.

Auto Attendant


This feature helps your business look more professional. Incoming calls are answered automatically and callers are greeted with customizable menu options. Callers simply select the appropriate menu option and are automatically routed to the proper extension.

Online Management


Manage your phone usage, billing, features and individual extension settings online with our easy-to-use Web interface.

Over 50 Features


Our cutting-edge system provides a number of ingenious features including: conference calls, intercom, group paging, group ringtones, music on hold, screening for blacklisted callers, auto attendant, call recording, auto day/night mode, interactive voice response (IVR), calling queues, voicemail, call transfer, and many more.

myVoice Features At a Glance
  • IVR / Auto Attendant
  • Hunt Lists
  • Intercom/Paging
  • Voicemail to E-Mail
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Company Wide Phonebooks
  • One-touch Transfer
  • Zero-touch Phone Setup
  • Presence Colored Keys
  • Find Me, Follow Me Roaming
  • Dial by Name Directory
  • Call Recording*
  • Encrypted Call Audio
  • E911 Support
  • 2-Way SMS Texting to E-Mail
  • Caller-ID Prefix by Number
  • Call Queues*
  • Time-of-Day Call Routing
  • Day/Night Button Call Routing
  • E-Fax to E-Mail
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Stay connected with HD audio, no matter where you are.
Keep your current number
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Set up local numbers anywhere
Build a local presence in any part of the US by choosing from over 200 area codes