myVoice Unlimited

$ 24.99 USD /mo
myVoice Unlimited include all minute usage and all basic features. No per-minute rate and no overage charges to worry about. Upgrade to the Plus plan for a more advanced feature-set.
  • Basic Features
  • 1 Phone Line Per Extension
  • 1 IVRs / AAs
  • No Call Queues
  • No Call Recording

myVoice Analog

$ 19.99 USD /mo
Utilizing state of the art technology, onCloud delivers POTS analog dialtone service to your location over the Internet.
  • Multiple Datacenter Redundancy

myVoice SIP Trunks

$ 19.99 USD /mo
Utilizing state of the art technology, onCloud delivers VoIP via SIP Trunking Service to Customers Worldwide. Dedicated IP required at the customer site.
  • Multiple Datacenter Redundancy
  • Unlimited Fast Scaling
  • Unlimited Trunks for Toll-Free Use*

myVoice Call Center

$ 49.99 USD /mo
Designed for high-volume inbound or outbound call centers, myVoice Call Center includes all Unlimited + features plus those listed below.
  • Unlimited Call Queues*
  • Wall Board Pages
  • Agent/Queue Reporting
  • Agent Login/Logout
  • Hotdesk Support
  • Queue Reporting
  • Priority Support

myConference Bridge

$ 14.99 USD /mo
$19.99 USD Activation Fee
myVoice Audio Conferencing is our dedicated telephone number audio conferencing bridge service. Includes one phone number, custom company greeting and unlimited conferencing*.
  • Unlimited* Minutes Included
  • Dedicated Phone Number
  • Emailed Attendance Report
  • Recorded Conference (optional)
  • Custom/Branded Welcome Greeting
  • 100 Maximum Participants
myVoice Features At a Glance
  • IVR / Auto Attendant
  • Hunt Lists
  • Intercom/Paging
  • Voicemail to E-Mail
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Company Wide Phonebooks
  • One-touch Transfer
  • Zero-touch Phone Setup
  • Presence Colored Keys
  • Find Me, Follow Me Roaming
  • Dial by Name Directory
  • Call Recording*
  • Encrypted Call Audio
  • E911 Support
  • 2-Way SMS Texting to E-Mail
  • Caller-ID Prefix by Number
  • Call Queues*
  • Time-of-Day Call Routing
  • Day/Night Button Call Routing
  • E-Fax to E-Mail
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Frequently Asked Questions
VoIP, stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is a technology which enables users to make voice calls over the Internet, instead of through analog phone lines provided by a traditional telephone company.
Features, features and features! With analog phone lines, you're stuck with a very small list of features (call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail). VoIP, on the other hand, delivers much better sound quality. Another advantage is security, as digital uses encryption during transmission - thus blocking other parties from listening to calls. The list of features VoIP brings to the table is daunting compared to analog, including Fax to E-mail, voicemail to E-mail, remote call forwarding, conferencing, advanced call routing, voicemail greetings, auto-attendants and much, much more!
Unlike your basic analog telephone lines, VoIP makes calls through your Internet connection. A stable connection to the Internet is required for any VoIP phone service.
Quite the contrary! Commercial phone line costs are typically high and ever-increasing. With traditional phone lines, each user needed their own dedicated line. With VoIP, calls are made through your Internet connection, eliminating the need for an analog line to each phone. With VoIP, users can have a virtual number assigned if they require a direct line.
Typically, only a broadband Internet connection can provide the minimum bandwidth for VoIP calls. For the best call clarity, the minimum speed for VoIP phone calls is between 90 kbps to 156 kbps.
This bounces back to the FAQ above regarding the differences between both analog phones and VoIP phone service. Analog lines can only offer limited calling features like call waiting and call forwarding. With VoIP, the sky is the limit. Remote call forwarding, E-Faxing, Voicemail to E-Mail and Auto-Attendants are just a few of the robust list of features we offer with our VoIP service.
A common question we often hear from our customers is whether the VoIP network stays up when the power is down. The quick answer to this is no, however if this is concern, there are some options to keep your calling up and running. The first option is a backup power source (UPS) connected to the required network elements. When the power goes out, the UPS jumps into action, keeping you up and running. A second option would be to utilize our softphone option. We offer softphone service for cell phones / tablets and computers. A softphone on a mobile device would use its own network and power source, keeping your business communication up and running when the power isn't.
Yes. We employ data packet encryption for every call traversing our systems. You can rest assured that your confidential communication stays exactly that, confidential.
Currently, VoIP calls have voice quality that is at or above the quality of a landline phone.
In most instances, yes. Most providers allow number portability so you can use the same number you had with your traditional phone providers.
The porting process time-frame is around 2 weeks, and in some instances, we may be able to get your number ported over even sooner!
Yes. The time-frame is usually the same as local number porting, 2 weeks, though this process can take longer if your current carrier initially rejects the porting request and requires additional information.
Absolutely, as long as there are numbers available in the area code you would like.
A virtual phone number is a telephone number that is not tied to a specific phone device or phone line, allowing you more flexibility regarding how your business receives calls.
Yes, you can use our VoIP service anywhere you have a high-speed internet connection. Need to work from home for a few days? No problem! As a second option, end users can utilize our Find Me Follow Me feature if they'd simply like calls routed to their cell phone.
With onCloud myVoice, you'll receive unlimited local and long-distance calling to the U.S. and Canada.*
With VoIP, dialing "9" is a thing of the past! With traditional PBX systems, it was necessary to have to dial 9 first in order for the system to differentiate between inter-office calls and outside calls. Thanks to digital technology, you'll never need to dial 9 again!
We utilize what the industry calls 'Enhanced 911' (E911). We link your account and your physical address within the E911 system so in the case of an emergency, there will be no issues with the 911 emergency system.
Thanks to our proprietary system software, you have the option between setting the phones up yourself or take advantage of our true white-glove service, having a technician on-site for setup and training on using your new devices.
With VoIP, busy signals are a thing of the past. Your callers will never get a busy signal, even if you have only one phone and one phone number!
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