Why should I get in the cloud?

As per Forbes, more than half of American businesses are in the cloud! If you think about that, the business to your left and the business to your right are both in the cloud. Feeling left out yet? 

The cloud is the next logical step for company that is cost-conscious and wants to remain modern in a industry that's rapidly evolving. If you care in addressing the following, joining the cloud just might be for you!

  • Cost containment and profitability
  • Automation for better efficiency
  • Optimize your existing investments and assets
  • Improve the flexibility of your business
  • Having the competitive edge against your competition
  • Interest in hiring the best talent regardless  of borders
  • Interoffice communication
  • An improved customer experience with your business

If you have on-premise servers and software, you're probably already well aware of the challenges that come with them - maintenance, upgrades, replacements, etc. The mere cost of maintenance on this hardware and software can eat up to as much as 75% a company's total annual IT budget when adding in software licensing and updates.

So why migrate your current infrastructure to the cloud? Perhaps the number one reason businesses choose to switch to the cloud is for the control and reduction in costs. Virtualization in the cloud allows you to control costs on installation, hardware, software and frequent upgrades. With the cloud, IT repairs are a thing of the past. No more break-fix repairs or patches. 

The time an ease of migration is another benefit. With onCloud, migration to cloud services will be seamless with almost no downtime. Most of the transition is done behind the scenes online - so there's no large-scale overhaul necessary. As your business grows, scalability of the cloud service becomes a strategic advantage as you configure your cloud setup to meet the ever-changing demands, priorities and resources. 

These are just some of the reasons why our customers migrate their operations over to the cloud. The cloud makes things more affordable, it's scalable, it creates a better end-user experience, and most importantly, it'll bring innovation to your business in this fast-paced, ever-changing enviroment.

So what are you waiting for? 

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