Enterprise IT Project Management

The basic definition of a project is a temporary endeavor, undertaken to create a unique product or result.  A project has a definitive beginning and end.  It is a very different from the typical day-to-day operations that your staff performs on a regular basis.

Whether you are initiating a new IT system or deploying a telecom system, having a dedicated Project Manager increases the likelihood that the project will be successful, enabling your business to grow.  IT and telecom projects require a host of checkpoints before, during and after set-up is complete.  It is integral to have a partner who is dedicated ensuring that the project goal is met.

For larger or complex scope projects, onCloud offers a PMP certified Project Manager for your project.  Your Project Manager will:

1. Provide Vision and Direction – onCloud’s Project Manager identifies the vision of the project and gives it purpose and direction. They also provide the point of contact for the project. They are responsible for all communication between stakeholders, customers and the engineering / technical project team, which decreases confusion and increases accuracy.

2. Increase Efficiency – onCloud’s Project Manager works with the engineering / technical project team to define the tasks which need to be undertaken in order to complete the project, and their priority order. This ensures that they are completed efficiently.

3. Control Scope – The scope of the project is comprised of what must be delivered (the project deliverables) and what work must be done to deliver the project deliverables. onCloud’s Project Manager will continually address scope management throughout the life of the project by regular monitoring and controlling. This in turn saves work effort and cost.

4. Manage Costs – Delivering on time and within budget are two constraints of any project. onCloud’s Project Manager controls not only monetary costs but also the people resources, both internal and external, and the equipment costs as well.  If any changes are needed, onCloud’s Project Manager will facilitate the approval process.

5. Manage Time – time is arguably the biggest challenge of any project. onCloud’s Project Manager must control the project schedule by examining milestones, key dates and the critical path throughout the project life-cycle. 

6. Schedule the Work – onCloud’s Project Manager ensures that all members work on their tasks in the appropriate order. This includes calculating the time a task takes and solving any problems which may delay them making their deadlines.

7. Deal with Potential Risks – there is always a chance for potential risks in a project no matter how well planned. onCloud’s Project Manager will identify potential risks, assess the impact they may have and consequently make a plan to avoid or manage them. The aim of risk management is to reduce the undesirable consequences (impact) to a project of a risk occurring.

8. Administer Procurement – if your project requires products and services from outside your organization or onCloud, onCloud’s Project Manager administers these contracts and controls the terms of these contracts.  Note: this is a rare occurrence, only applying to very large and complex projects, but is a service that is covered within Project Management.

9. Communicate with Stakeholders – Once the project is up and running, it is crucial to communicate progress of the project to both the project team and the stakeholders. The onCloud Project Manager communicates the goals and performance to business leaders in a regularly scheduled report.

10. Close the Project – After the project has met the goals and expectations of the customer, onCloud’s Project Manager documents and reviews the project phases with the stakeholders. Evaluation of the project is undertaken with lessons learned noted for the next project.

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