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Nowadays, most businesses need to make a digital presence and this can be achieved by building an attractive and customized website and applications. 

This is possible with flexible web and application hosting services. At onCloud, you can find these services at the best prices.

We are amongst the leading cloud hosting providers in the region that offers the finest cloud hosting service to our clients. 

We make sure that you have the right tools and features to host your business website and application without hassle. 

Our team of professionals will ensure that your business has a secure journey to cloud hosting. 

Features of onCloud Web and Application Hosting

When you approach us at onCloud, we provide the following web and application hosting features:

  • We offer proactive, managed maintenance and updates
  • You can find secure ecommerce, cloud, and web solutions with us
  • Failsafe and redundant system that ensures you don’t lose any data 
  • Unmanaged and managed hosting options giving you complete flexibility 
  • Get efficient application and database hosting with us at onCloud

Our Web and Application Hosting Services

At onCloud, we believe to provide complete power to our clients to determine their web and application hosting strategy. 

Hence, we provide the following web and application hosting services:

  • Fully integrated control panel    

We provide our clients with a fully integrated control panel giving them the power to control how to publish their websites, organizing web files, managing domains, and more. 

  • Support WordPress   

At onCloud, we provide WordPress support to our clients. You can build the type and kind of website you want. 

This again allows us to put the power in the hands of our clients. We always keep our clients at top priority!

  • Lightning Fast Customer Support

At onCloud, we have a team of professionals who are always available for our clients to provide any kind of tech support they need, when they need it! 

We will be prompt, immediate, and swift at understanding the problem and provide efficient solutions. 

All of this is offered by us at onCloud at the best price. We provide unlimited flat-rate plans that have all the features and addons. This all-inclusive plan is perfect for Web and DNS hosting. 

So, visit our website to know more about our services. Or get in touch with our customer support team to get more information. 

We are sure you will find something that interests you! 

Web & Application Hosting

Web and DNS Hosting

Flat-Rate cPanel Web Hosting
Flat-Rate cPanel Web Hosting
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$ 39 .99 USD /mo
$ 19 .99 USD /mo
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The "unlimited" plan is a flat-rate hosting plan with all features and addons already enabled. We include a generous amount of storage and bandwidth for your hosting needs. This all-inclusive plan is hosted in the Atlanta Metro area, and comes with expert technical support. This plan is perfect for DNS hosting, POP3/IMAP email, mySQL databases and WordPress sites.

Have any questions about our Web + Application Hosting services? Let's chat! 

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