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Coronavirus + Telework

Make sure your business doesn't miss a beat as the coronavirus forces businesses into teleworking.

               As confirmed coronavirus cases increase in the U.S., more businesses are mandating employees work from home. Does your business have the means to continue day-to-day activities without missing a beat?

                Just like so many other business leaders, you are most likely grappling with the question of whether or not your employees should work from home, when so many are urging individuals to stay home.  For some, that might be an easy question to answer because you have already ensured that your phone and computer needs are handled seamlessly, no matter where your employees are located.  If so, you are one of the lucky ones!  For many, they are scrambling right now to determine how they can continue operations under a quarantine.  onCloud can fulfill your needs 100% with the onCloud myTelework services.. 

                  Regarding the coronavirus, we just don’t know how many people have this virus already and we just don’t know if the virus will abate in the spring, or if it does abate, whether it will come back even stronger next fall.   And if it isn’t a virus, there might be inclement weather or some other issue.  What we do know is that the coronavirus is present right now in most states, that it is contagious, its long-term effects on human health are unknown, and that people are dying from it.  And that scares people.

                   Regardless of the current state of our country, we understand that your business has needs and may not be able to survive with limited to no staff present in the office. This is where onCloud has solutions. 

One of the most important aspects to your business is your need to communicate with your customers. Most communication is done via telecommunications, a phone line.   A problem for many businesses is that phone line is dedicated to your business's physical location. Having calls routed elsewhere would mean having the phone service provider switch your lines from your business location to a secondary location.  And, even if you quickly have your phone company re-route your calls, it is also only to one number.  The time it would take and the cost incurred for your phone service provider to come in, move phone lines to a secondary location would be time-consuming and expensive – if it is even possible.


                  With onCloud myVoice, your phone system can follow you ANYWHERE.  With a myVoice package, your desk phones would work wherever there is a stable Internet connection.  That's right, every employee could take their desk phones home, plug them in to their home Internet connection and continue to take business calls as if they are still in the office.   We aren’t kidding – since the phone service is in the cloud and the programming resides inside the phone, you literally can unplug it and take it with you to another office location or to your home. 

                   Users retain every feature myVoice has to offer including Auto-Attendants, call transferring, parking lots, hunt lists and queues. With specific model phones we offer, you may also have the ability to see when coworkers are currently on a call by way of a Busy Lamp Field button, turning red when on a call and green when available.   With onCloud myVoice, we make sure your business telephone calls work exactly as they would if all your employees were in your business' location.  When the coronavirus outbreak is over, simply unplug the desk phones and plug them back in at the office and it will seem like the move never even happened.   It's a no-brainer if the coronavirus leaves you no choice but to have your co-workers and employees work from their own homes for a period of time.   Management even retains the ability to listen into calls for quality service purposes.   

                    Should you not feel comfortable with desk phones leaving the office or if an employee doesn't have a stable Internet connection, we can easily place their cell phone number into the call routing, so all work calls would come into their cell phone as if they were at their desk, but without giving out their cell number.   Another great option is our soft-phone service, which allows for the placing and receiving of calls through your Windows or Mac computer.  

Okay, well that handles the phone-side of working remotely.   What about our computers, you are probably wondering if we have an option for that? Of course!

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Don't shut down shop!

Don't close down shop, onCloud myTelework can have your business still up and running from the comfort of your home!

Do you have an on-premises server to which your employees connect? No worries - we can set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) so your employees at home can still have access to critical files and applications.

We can also migrate your on-premises server to a cloud based, virtual server.  Not only will you never have to worry about upgrading components in your physical server, a virtual server takes the worry out of EVERY aspect of an on-site server.  Need extra storage space in your server? Instead of the headache of physically pulling out the old hard drives, migrating data over to larger drives when you reach capacity and installing new, with onCloud’s  Virtual Server solutions, you can simply submit a ticket to the onCloud Technical Support Team requesting your server disk space to be increased.  A few mouse clicks and in a few minutes, your new hard drive space is ready to use.  It’s like having an EASY button!

That addresses the server, but what about all my employees computers? Good question, and we have solutions for that! 

We realize that most businesses utilize desktop computers as compared to laptop computers or some do use laptops, but are constantly docked.  These types of set-up aren’t always travel-friendly.

The solution to that problem is VDI's.  Oh no – another acronym! What’s a VDI?  It's a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.  Imagine your computer running in the cloud and you can access it from anywhere.  That truly is, what it's like.  Think about your home laptop or computer desktop machine.  Imagine you could throw it away, but still sit down and work just like you are on your computer, but all you need is an Internet connection and some smaller hardware.  You can log on to your work “machine” that is always running in the cloud from your home computer, one on vacation, basically anywhere.  You aren’t tied to one machine.  Your company laptop goes down – what happens?  You can’t work until you get a new one.  Not with VDI – your computer runs in the cloud and you access it anywhere you have Internet.  This saves companies on hardware (don’t need a full computer), increases productivity because employees can connect anywhere and less downtime with hardware failures and much less vulnerable to viruses.  You probably won’t get one, but you download something malicious accidentally, no problem, onCloud “blows out” your VDI and gives you a new one in minutes, not days.

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